Video invitations are a new way to share your story with the people you love.

It’s a card that you send through the mail, just like traditional wedding stationery... but when it’s opened, your video plays automatically! 


Bespoke Design Process

Your invitations will be unique and designed just for you. We'll go through a design process together that allows me to understand your style and vision for your wedding. Your invitations will reflect your personality as a couple, and will be unlike anything your guests have ever seen before. 


Handcrafted Luxury

We care about the details. Quality matters!

With available letterpress printing, hand painted watercolors, specialty art papers, pointed pen calligraphy, and much, much more, your invitations will be the epitome of luxury. 

Everything is customizable, and anything is possible.


Technology & Tradition

Every video invitation includes a bright 7" wide-format screen that plays your love story automatically when it's opened. 

You can provide your own video, or our professional videography team can produce one for you. 


Beyond invitations...

Video stationery can is great for more than just wedding invitations. It's perfect for all kinds of milestone events, from an anniversary to a birth announcement to a mitzvah

It also makes a one-of-a-kind thank you gift after your event! Include your event video and relive your big day, or share it with those who couldn’t attend.

Get more details on the process, options, and pricing in our free PDF brochure:

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